Register for 3rd Spa Hills

Spa Hills 2017 is limited to 72 players, meaning that it will be played in up to 18 groups of 4 players.

To register, please open the registration form at the Stray Disc Tour website.

Tournament fee is 210kn / ~ 30€ and it includes two lunches at the course. Payment info will be sent to registered players via e-mail.

Organizers will retain 10 wildcards to give away upon reuqest in case that tournament get's filled up.

Spa Hills 2017 will be played in only two categories open to all amateur and pro players - Open Men and Open Women. Our plan is to introduce additional categories in the future when we will have more players, but for the 3rd edition of this event we stick to only two main ones (with exception of Junior categories in case that at least 2 players register). The final round of the tournament will be played by top 5 male and female players.